July 23, 2009


Presenting, Muhammad bin Anwarul Haq :D

I guess its been a long overdue but nonetheless, now that I'm free and dad's still asleep I might as well take the chance to post this. Well, Muhammad is the heaviest amongst us all. He weighs 3.88 kg when he came out. Blardee heavy I tell you. And he's quite strong. When he's awake, he can lift his head when Hajar could only propperly lift hers only at after a month, and Muhammad is only 9 days old. Dayum. Bak kata mak aku, "Budak-budak zaman sekarang ni".

Also, I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything up. I've been tired and stressed, thinking of trials. Oh well, life goes on. Mhmmmm. Ah, yes. Drama pictures will be posted within this week before I decide to go on hiatus. Aite?

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bambang the b said...

He's cute
But then again sume babies cmtu haha