July 24, 2009

silent wishes

I don't know why but I suddenly wanted to look at the courses available at Limkok Wing. Dad suggested I do architecture there. Or was it Taylor's. Okay, I can't remember which. Oh well. I browsed through the courses and saw foundation in design. Sounds pretty much like what I want to do. So anyway. With that foundation, I can do an honors for digital imaging and illustration. Damn. Can I apply for that dad? Haha. I guess not.

Okay, so...I'll find something else.

Dad said no. Okay, fine. Architecture then. But one day I'll fund myself to do Design. I don't give a frickin' damn and no one is going to stop me.


E said...

lkw for architecture? better not. uitm and um are way better than lkw. not that lkw tak bagus. but.. erm. shop around before deciding on one.

good luck! :)

Khadijah said...


Thanks for the tip yeah :)

doriyuckey said...

Don't follow what you DAD want you to take.
He's not the one who going to STUDY.(reminding myself as well, am pretty sure you can think for yourself)

Ps: I love reading your blog:)

Mei said...

saya sokong E :)