July 16, 2009

10:44PM 150709

I didn't know the news until Auntie Yati told me in the car yesterday after getting back from extra classes that mum was admitted in the morning, 3 cm dilated. Goodness, imagine. And then during lunch, I was just asking Aisyah and Syaza what would happen if the baby came out as a girl and not as a boy as shown in the pictures.

Anyway, I got back home and called mum straight away. At the time, she was having her contractions and just took epidural to relieve it. Mum was saying "Khadijah, doa lah baby ni keluar cepat-cepat", and of course I did.

At 11pm, dad called. Said mum had just given birth to a baby boy, Muhammad. I was thrilled and I went to sleep with a fever. I guess I was worried about mum. So right now, dad's not at home. So is mum. I am frickin' hungry and sleepy and tired. Can't wait to see the new baby though. I feel like skipping tuition tonight. Hor hor hor.

I'll post pictures as soon as I can. Also, the drama pictures as well. Booyeahhhaaaa.

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