July 5, 2009


Seeing as the baby is due in a few weeks time, dad and mum did some spring cleaning in their room. Rearranging book shelves, throwing out unnecessary clothes and such. So, as I was sitting here happily finishing off my speech dad suddenly showed me this:

This was from the days he was at SDAR (Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak), Seremban and mum was at SMTSP (Sekolah Menengah Tuanku Syed Putra), Kuala Kangsar. Get this, both of them were debaters! Only mum was on the Malay debate team at her school while dad, on the English team. And it gets even more scandalous. Look carefully and you shall see mum's name on the left side and dad's on the right.They were both there at the same time! And 8 years later, they got married. Hello? You know what mum told me. She said that when she saw dad present his speech, she said "Eee, berlagaknya". Gee ma, you got married to him anyway and got Yani and Haq juniors. Oh, the wonders of life. One minute you say you hate them and the next, you wound up getting married to him/her.

Also, in that small booklet, there was a picture of dad back in the day.

See that "handsome" guy with curly wurly hair? That is dad. I took one look at the photo and I was like, "Now, doesn't that look familliar" and suddenly, WHAM, I was reminded of the second speaker of St. Johns, Arief. I fell about laughing. Okay, maybe he doesn't look very much alike Arief but well, somehow something is similar.

Hmmmm. Parents *geleng kepala* :D


Aisyah Pahmi said...

macam Yusoffffffffffffff haha

Khadijah said...

Reallyyyyyyyyy? HAHAHA.OMG. Sikit ah! :D

darrell asyraf said...

eyh ur dad looks like one of those *kiddos* extras in the movies... mcm pernah nmpk jee... :)