April 21, 2009

lets release the tension

I napped for exactly 30 minutes during our Geography paper. Wierdly, I really did. Haha :D

I guess I was really tired. I slept at about 2am last night reading History and bits of Geography. Oh well, I've been too busy to study. Anyway, our Geography paper was quite mild. So was the History paper, but somehow, I'm feeling a little unsure of my answers. Oh well, I can just pray now that I'll maintain my A from the last intervension.

Oh yes! If you've noticed, the sky is literally blanketed in clouds over here. But there's a hole in it and you can see a bit of the sky. Man, that is just so cool. And did you notice the stars last night. Damn. God's gifts to mankind is truly great isn't it? Also, God gives me the best cook slash baker mum. You know what mum baked? Only the most sinfully delicious cherry-chocolate cupcakes! Absolute lush. I've tasted two and the taste still lingers on my taste buds. Mmmmm. Love!
Hmmm. So I guess thats about it for today.
Oh yes. I counted how many log books I have to complete and it all comes down to a big fat five. Nutters. But oh well, I want the Pengakap Muda lanyard by September. Have to work extra hard lah ;)

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