April 24, 2009

tayar pancit giler

Had a practise/jam session with Aisyah and Syaza earlier this evening for tomorrow's BOTB and we changed, loads (?) of stuff which is one heck of a surprise for everyone. Don't think anyone will be expecting it from us. Oh well, the idea came up randomly anyway while we were practising. And yeah, Aisyah is super fascinated with my yet-to-be-named flute which I've had for about 4 years now. I feel like taking up flute again. Seems cool. Dad dad, can I? :)

So, right now, we're all very pancit and Aisyah seems to be coming down with a flu while Syaza, on the other hand, is worried she might not get used to the keyboard she'll be playing tomorrow and, me? I'm just scared I'll be short of breath and suddenly become all jelloid. Haha. Well, wish us the best of luck yeah? And MEI IS FRIGGING COMING! My God. I miss her :(
Yeah, I know. I've posted it on TTJ. Can't help posting again *grins*

End of practise session: Giggles and rofl-ings on the sofa.
And Aisyah, get well soon lah!


Hariry Ariffin said...

waa. best2. :)

Aisyah Pahmi said...