April 13, 2009

new recipes?

- Abang Rusdy with a grinning face. Imagine that :D

Yeah, wierd name. Awesome creation. Abang Rusdy actually made the recipe up for breakfast on the last day of camp. Its actually a combination of tomyam and also curry flavoured Maggi and cooked with eggs. I didn't try it but there was this one picture of Ashekeen and Kak Mee eating it like they've never tasted anything as good as tomkarlur. Haha. And that same morning, Cedric ate the curry flavoured Maggi's soup with Milo balls. Wierd, no?

And on the second day for lunch, Hannah fried some sausages for lunch to be eaten with our instant chicken curry and telur masak kurma. We were all eating the sausages until Hannah scolded us. I tell you, I cannot tahan anymore! I love Scouts so much!

Right, there I've said it :)

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