April 13, 2009

pride of la Khadijah

Lencana Maju, I finally have you. Oh yes I do.
It happened on the third day of camp during the closing ceremony. Kak Ashley was saying out the names of the participants who achieved Lencana Keahlian and Lencana Usaha (so unfair, because it took me a year to get Usaha). Later on, Kak Ash announced the names of the urusetias who got Lencana Maju. I thought I wasn't going to get it, so there I was, happily talking to Abang Rusdy and Anati and suddenly I saw Ashekeen mouthing words at me while pointing at me from the stage.
    A : Weh, Kat! Kau lah weh!
    K : Ha? Ape? (tunjuk diri sendiri) Aku?
    A : Iyeeee. Naik weh, naik!
And there I was walking up the stage to receive my unexpected Lencana Maju. Who knew lah?

Actually, loads more happened. A few interesting things; I met a guy named Cedric and also Syafie (both are from Zon R1) and Syafie can't say 'pengakap' propperly. Anati and I tried desperately to teach him but we all ended up laughing our heads off. So, I can really say that this is one of the best camps I've had so far next to Kem Kemahiran. More camps please Kak Ash :)

Oh, and a big hearty congratulations to Malik and Ashekeen.
They both got a big fat Lencana Jaya lah weh! Envy. Haha :D

1 comment:

ashekeen azman said...

Ouh ok,hahahaha...

lawak laa..
yup,that is unexpected things you have there,and on the picture too..
the woogle,part tuh i'm so touching btl laa...

tapi x pe,saya suka sebab saya dah ada lencana jaya..(kepada yang lain tuh,jgn jelez neh,bwat habis baik)

Once a scout,always a scout.