November 7, 2009

rant rant, ramble ramble

I think I'm running ideas on what to do. I don't feel like Tumblring any more and nowadays I only update Twitter via gladlyCast and I'm not bothered to check updates. Even the piano has fallen out of line with me. Sketching and such? Haven't got the mood and the inspiration comes but I somehow can't put it down on paper. I think it's my mental problems. Right now, I'm playing Cafe World and it's starting to bore me. God.

But either way, I have lots of things to do.
  1. Plan what to do with class money. Homaigod.
  2. Figure out what to bring for class fete? D:
  3. Invitations for the teachers. Blegh.
  4. Brush up on my piano over the holidays
  5. Find things to keep me occupied
  6. Eat less, play more basketball
  7. Survive

And I think I haven't posted that much on life or anything here. I'm sorry. I'll start again during the holidays okay? But then again, there won't be much to update about then. I think I rant too much.
Okay. I should stop.

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