February 1, 2009

hello new buddy

My wishes for a turtle has.............not come true. But instead the turtles went to Umar and Ibraheem, who've been carrying them about the house like mad, instead. The main reason why that happened: dad's going to buy me a pig-nosed turtle instead. Haha. Honestly, they do have that. But well, I'll just be patient anyway. I think I'm going to rearrange my room yet again, and I'm planning on doing on doing a Minolta wall. Haha, yeah. A Minolta wall, because most people have lomo walls so, why don't I do a Minolta wall instead? Teeheee.

And mum and dad aren't working tomorrow. Apparently they're going out to Ikea to get study tables and chairs for the boys room. Bah, I want to follow. But then again, I have a bunch Maths topical practises which I'm sure I'll enjoy doing while singing along to the tracks on my mp3. But then......the idea of sitting at home. God, no no.Another thing: I want to get earphones. Mine are kaput. I think that, um, I'm going to save up money and get Aerial 7 headphones like the ones up there. I want the left one :D Oh yeah, I am going to freaking do that! Hari usahawan is coming up......Esah suggested I should sell those mini-cheesecakes. Hmmmmm. Maybe I should (wink wink)


M. said...

pig snout turtle instead? pig nose sounds so funny.
there's one that is a turtle yg mulut dia panjang tuu, is that it?
i dont like those. i like tortoises!

Khadijah said...


oh...i'm not really sure. haha. the snout/nose looks like a pig's. i don't remember how it looks like but its cute in an ugly way. miahaha :D