November 17, 2008

random fact number 4

I've never introduced myself propperly before

Haha, I realised that when I was in the car just now listening to Sixpence None The Richer's Breathe Your Name. Anyway, I've never really introduced myself. Even if I have, it would have just been my name, age, hobbies and whatever else I think is appropriate for the person I am introducing myself to.

Anyway. My full name is Siti Khadijah bt Anwarul Haq but for the past two years in high school I've been known as Kat and to Rozreen +her family, I've been known to them as Siti. I was born at General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur around 7 pm-or so. I am a mixture of Javanese, Bugis, Chinese, Arab and Siamese blood but I look more Siamese. I am a bookworm and I can speak four languages: English, Malay, French and a bit of Arab. Well, I hardly speak Arab but I can roughly understand.

I can play the piano and a bit of flute. I stopped two years ago and I intend on continuing it. I can sketch/draw and according to my form 2 English teacher, I have a knack for writing. Hmm. What else. Oh, well. I don't open up that much. Not even with dad. Heh. So, yeah. Thats me.

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