November 17, 2008

and we have a decision

Okay, because mum thinks that if she buys the LG for me it might break easier. So, she suggested the Sony Erricson because of the-here I quote-"nice pictures and nice sound". So yeah. I told her I wanted this one, the Sony K810i. And I've been eyeing this phone since last year but everytime I ask for it, my parents will go, "Oh, your phone is good enough".

Ha, but yeah. I'd love a camera phone for a change. And look at that keypad. Mhmmm, yummy. Haha. Okay, speaking of keypads, I haven't played on Horugel for three days already. Haha. And I need to arrange a jamming session with E. She's so so excited. Haha. Maybe around this week aite?

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