November 17, 2008

alas, home

Yes, after three days of staying at my aunt's during mum+dad's "honeymoon" I am finally back. Well, dad went on Saturday and, as usual, Ibraheem and Umar went for their English class at Lorna's and I went for French at Alliance. And on Sunday I went to Pavilion for the Mac Discovery thing with Dd+Danial and Aiman, my cousins, and Yusof; chaperoned by Auntie Oni.

I must say, Yuna's voice has gotten nicer since she released her EP. Lol. Oh, and Esah + Hazirah missed Yuna's performance. So, after that we went to KLCC and walked around a bit. Then E and H went back so I tagged along Dd, Danial, Aiman and Yusof. In the end we went back around....9.30 pm or so by lrt.

At home, we watched The Nanny Diaries and right after that I fell asleep until about.....12.30 am or so and continued sleep until 7.40 am. Ho. Nothing much, I know. That is why my life is boring and yours isn't.

Oh, and I got 5As, 2Bs and 1C for Finals. Big bummer. And the C is-unsurprisingly-Sejarah. And my English dropped, but my BM, man, it went from 70 something to 82. Haaaa, I truly am proud.

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