November 15, 2008

eeek boredom!

Ah, today....nothing much happened. I was tempted to hail a cab and go to the National Library to read a book, or two, but yeah. I haven't got the guts. AND, my stomach is acting up on me. I guess its because I didn't exactly eat breakfast...and, lunch. Oh, and mum and dad are going away for their 15th year marriage anniversary "honeymoon". As Syed says: romantik ah your parents. Haha, true Syed. So so true.

Oh, and thanks to Zara I am currently coveting this phone: the LG Q KS360. I find the black one quite appealing. The blue one...well, its okay. And when I asked dad just now if I could get this phone, he said he'll just be getting me a basic phone instead. Well, for once can't I have a phone like this? Just once. And I'll never ask again. I promise. If I do, then...well. Hah, do anything you want to me.

And speaking of Zara. Where the are you? I want to ask you out to Pavilion this Sunday. Yuna's performing weh! I'd text, but....well, you know what happened to my phone. And if you're reading this, I'm sorry I haven't gone online for the past...three days. I've been tired, and well, mum has been coming home late from work.

Oh. OH. And I tried doing a v-log, yet again. Haha, and I guess I'm getting used to sitting in front of the camera which looks like a cyborg eye staring directly at you. Even though its weird, its interesting actually. I mean, I talk a lot when I record myself so yeah. Haha. I time myself by listening to a song on my mp3 just to stop myself from doing a 10 minute video -__-"

But yeah, anwyay. DAD. If you're reading this. I want that LG. And an acoustic guitar. Haha. Well, I've got the guitar pick Kamal gave me. What's the use of having one if I don't have a guitart to accompany it with. And well, I don't really care if I don't get a dslr or laptop in the nearest time. Not that important anyway. Heh.

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