November 12, 2008

random fact number 3

I love wearing striped tops eventhough it looks boring

Ha, yes. I love wearing striped tops. And for the record, I currently have four of them. When I go out, I try to keep a look out for striped tops. Well, they aren't so impossible to find at Zara but the price. Haaa. Jaw dropping. But during the sales, Zara's stuff are cheaper than other branded stuff going on sale. Thats why, ALWAYS shop for Zara during their sale.

Huu, that reminds me. I haven't worn my Zara sweater in a while. And it has a frog on it, AND its Zara. So, like frog + Zara = froggy Zara. Wow, makcik. Coincidentally, I'll always have something to remind you by (besides Charlie, of course) : my froggy Zara sweater. And that sweater was bought a few weeks (?) before I got to know her. Fuh, talk about super coincidence

Haaa, and Gravity is a leetle bit hard to play. No matter. I'll get it done yeah. Haha. And, I think I'm going to post my first attempt at the v-log later. It takes such a long time to load *sigh*

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