November 20, 2008

charcoal love!

I think I have completely fallen in love with charcoal. Haha. Yes, I think I have. Oh la la, AMOUR! Lol. Anyway, here's a few of my latest drawings. Some of them are smudged because I tried putting them up on my sticky board thing but it just won't go up. At least my finger prints aren't that noticeable, thank God.
Heee. Enjoy people.Latest one. I drew it this morning around 10, and yeah. Actually when I drew this, I was scared that I might ruin it because my first time trying to colour in the background was...disastrous. But yeah, it turned out alright.
This has a pirate-y theme going on. The blouse for example is like Keira's in Pirates of The Carribean. But its, in a way. And this drawing was the first one I attempted with charcoal. Eh, no. It was my second attempt. Dad was like, "Oh, that's nice Khadijah!"

And this, I don't exactly know what this is. Just some random drawing I drew while watching Gossip Girl with dad. Well, at least I think it was. Haha. Okay, yeah. It was. Somehow, I like drawing fly away hair with the neck extension thing. Haaaa, too much of ANTM. Lol.

And Marjorie's frigging out! ZOMG. But yeah, she was a bit out of place in episode 12. Drinking too much and she's got an ultimate personality change = ZOMBIE.