November 23, 2008


I am at a sort-of sleepover at my cousin's house and this house is fully equipped with wireless, and four laptops to ease up your boredom and there's Astro as well. Not exactly facilities which you can find at the Haq residence. Amboi. Haha. But yeah, we haven't got Astro and four laptops.

So, here I am in the bedroom of my cousin typing away after a frustrating one hour (or so) doing a 1000 piece puzzle of Tigger, Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Owl. I've just finished a part of Owl and boy, is it driving me crazy. Nadia, my cousin, is looking for pieces of Tigger and Anis, well...she's listening to Super Junior. Haaa, so here I am listening to Super Junior while thinking of something interesting to write.

I think, I've lost my interesting-ness right now because I'm frustrated of...something which I have been cajoling my parents to get but someone else has gotten it earlier than I have. And I'm starting to doubt my photography skills right now. Heh. I think...yeah. My photography is bad. Okay, what the hay. I'm doubting myself. I should stop.


Aisyah said...

alaaaaaaaa Kat, relax laaa.
a camera doesn't prove anything. you're still superb :D
you use film for God's sake! and focal lens pulak tu! it turns out great tau taaaaaaaaaaak! envy envy hehe
nanti kt play play with the cammie okie ;D

Khadijah said...

haha, you know how to make my day better. hahah. sore loser gila aku ni.