May 29, 2010

something something 12

Attempt 1 : It started out ok. I was using Artline. Towards the end, the ink started turning purple (?). Mind you, I was using Artline. How was I supposed to know wether or not it's waterproof or not, it wasn't written anywhere on the pen. Which is...dumb. If only I had the time, and money, to buy my usual Faber-Castell pigments. It would've been fine.

Attempt 2 : Janiz bought me new pigments! And it's Unipen. Janiz says that it's better than Faber-Castell and it's cheaper. So, kudos to that. But for the mean time, project has been put on hold. Kak Ashley borrowed my pigments the other day for her art folio and after I reached home from school did I realize I left it with her. So, anywhos, it's with Chay Fhei now. Just have to hold on to Monday. HM!

It's taking me quite a while to finish this. Too much lines, even for me. Nevermind, patience will reward me. The first attempt though, anybody wants it? Before I chuck it down the dustbin.


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