December 18, 2009

something something 08

I managed to sketch this with my pigments before in died. R.I.P. beloved pigments :(
Anyways. I can say that out of all my sketches, this would be one of the best. The first best would be the crazily detailed one of a Burberry ad. I don't think I have the picture. It's on dad's Facebook. But, heck yeah. I'M PROUD OF THIS ONE YO!

I'm not so sure about the eyes. I don't really like it somehow. I think it's because I put in a little bit too much of the detail. Other than that, I think it's purdee. I don't know what you think. I think that you think I'm too self-absorbed in myself for saying it's a very pretty sketch. In other words, I'm complementing myself. Alright, if you didn't understand that knock my on the head when you see me :D

So right now, I need money. I need a new set of pigments. I need a tub of impasto, retarder and gesso maybe? Krhkrh.

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