December 18, 2009


So here I am, up at the early hours of the morn with a tall mug of Twinning's Lady Grey tea just so I can use the broadband stick. The joy of snooping around. Haha. Oh, and did you hear? Results are on the 24th. I feel so...nervous. Actually, that's not the correct word, no. I don't know what the correct word for it is.

Anyway, I've been contemplating. The decision I'm about to make is no fun, and I have to make it fast. It's only in a matter of weeks. Alright. Let me stop being so, I don't know, mysterious about it. So here: I passed the admittance entrance exam for Adni and they're holding my spot there until MRSM results come out and I have to give my blardee desicion. I would've spilled this earlier on but, you know how things get with me. Therefore I am contemplating every single minute of the day now. I've narrowed my decisions down, though:
  1. If I don't get into MRSM, Adni I shall go
  2. If I do get into MRSM, I will think things over.
  3. Dump Adni and MRSM, stay in Section 5
  4. Homeschool

Okay, laugh at the 4th one. I don't mind. I'll be laughing along with you as well :) But anywhoo. I have indeed weighd my pros of all my decisions. The pros of Adni:

  1. I don't have to sit for SPM because I've chosen the English medium, therefore I'll be sitting for IGCSE instead.
  2. If I do well, I can jump straight to secondary 5 and finish school earlier. Which is impossible in my case seeing my tarnished results. HE HE.
  3. After IGCSE, I will be done with school considerably early. Like, three weeks earlier than when SPM is just about to start.
  4. Apparently, there will be a guaranteed spot at UIAM. Makes things easier for my parents. Duh.

The pros of MRSM:

  1. Great facilities
  2. Higher chances of going overseas. That is even if I do well and get a scholarship. Hello?! AM I THAT CAPABLE LAH?

Therefore in any case at all, Adni wins. But even so, I haven't made my decision and they're still holding my spot so everything is okay I suppose. Except for the fact that I am indeed near to banging my head on the wall about this. It's just that my head hurts every single bloody time I try to make my mind up.

I wish I could make things easier and just stay in Section 5. But things will never be that easy. Especially when you have parents who expect a lot out of you, and there are people around you have great expectations of you and know that you will be a someone one day-and no, none of this are bad things.

Okay. There you go. A week's worth of bantering with myself.


AsmaHamid said...

iGCSE is easier than GCSE. which means iGCSE is easier than SPM.
i think?
I'm crapping. sorry.

Khadijah said...

Haha, it's okay :D