December 22, 2009

quelle suprise?

I was quite surprised to receive this. Included was a Parsons Under-Graduate Viewbook and a link to St. Martins College of Art and Design. Of course I shrieked with happiness. How I wish I could just swing by to one of them and spend the rest of my life painting and drawing and sketching. Oh the joy. But...well, you know. Okay. I shall not write pathetic things now *clears throat* Moving on.

I read the Parsons Viewbook thing and they have Environmental Studies! How awesome? I wouldn't mind taking that up. And St. Martins have Easter school around March next year. The price range is around, brace yourselves people, RM1800, and that is for a four-day course or so, in London, with qualified teachers. Damn. I'd love to go for the Life Studies course. Okay. I'll pray that dad will have loads of business next year so he can send me to London *grin*

Speaking of Parsons and such, I've been thinking a lot of what courses I'd "love" to take. I might take Biochemistry. I love Science, you can't blame me. No mum, I don't want to be a doctor-end of. But thinking about all of this round and round, I'd suddenly think of taking up Law, do Syariah as well and earn mega bucks at dad's firm. But I don't know.

Harumph. I am actually confused now.

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