May 16, 2009

influences and inspiration

Lykke Li. She reminds me of Duffy. Somehow, I prefer Lykke Li's music more. I don't know why. Haha. I shall try listening to Duffy again. I need inspiration.

Oh yes. We have a band. I don't know if either Syaza, Aisyah or I should announce it. Haha. I'm waiting for the day the guy from the store to call my dad and tell him that my guitar is ready so that I can go jamming with my two fishes and let the whole of Malaysia listen to our music :) Yes, I have big dreams-lots of them and all of which are kept safely away in my pocket.

Okay, I feel like playing Lykke Li's I'm Good, I'm Gone. Cheit.

And besides that, I feel like playing Priscilla Ahn's Are We Different?. Okay, Aisyah. Listen to that song and as soon as you get back from Perth, we'll have a jam session :D

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