May 22, 2009

I nag too much

Diagnostic. My God. I think these past few months have been revolving around my diagnostic because to get the MARA thing, I have to score my diagnostic and now, I'm scared. Scared that I'll get bad marks for my Diagnostic. And if MARA doesn't accept my application, what will happen to me? I don't want to go to Adni. The fees are RM500++ a month and I want my brothers to enjoy that. They deserve better. I can make do with just a typical school. Yes dad, if I don't get MARA, I want to stay in Section 5.

Right, tomorrow's a schooling day. I haven't finished my art folio nor have I binded it and I want to send it in tomorrow so one heavy burden can be lifted off my chest. There's also the Projek Bahan Terkumpul which I think I'll send in after school holiday because neither mum and dad have brought home Berita Harian. And I'm going to finish the Geography folio this weekend so I'm free to send it in after Diagnostic. History folio, well, that will be sent in after holidays. Oh my God, I feel like bashing my head.

Now my head is spinning. Umar is nagging, Yusof is nagging and dad is nagging. I don't get guys nor do I ever wish to.

Tomorrow is Fatin's birthday. 26th is dad's birthday and on the 27th is Syaza and Syahmee's birthday. Wah wah. And I can't get them any presents because I haven't got money. But then again, I've never been good with giving presents. Heeee.

And Syahmee and I have been friends since we were born. Okay, sort of. Haha. Meera said that our mums used to "berlaga perut" thats why Syahmee and I are friends. Haha. Actually we've only just gotten close this year. Unlike when we were in standard 6. Oh well, friendships. They never cease to amaze me.

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