November 9, 2008

random talking

Today was the same as every other day: logged on to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, watched Johnny and Jeff Dunham, MSN with Zara, sessions with Horugel, did a couple of screenshots and made Plurk! Hahaaa. How boring. Besides that, I was thinking of making a v-log. But...*shrugs*.

And I've just made Shamimi my petsis a few minutes ago! Haha. So, hello little sister. Heee. I was so nervous when I wanted to ask her eventhough its just online. My heart was fluttering like, a lot and my stomach was filled with butterflies.

Wuuuu, and Zara's gone offline; swimming I heard. Bummer. Hmm. At least we can gossip later on. Mmm. I think I'm going to rewatch SPORKS!. Johnny is so cute in it, especially when he was having the sporks and walnut cake fight. Heeee.

"Look, the spork's fighting the cake. Boooom booom"

Awww. How adorable! Okay. I've got to stop all this. I'm getting so childish nowadays, kan?

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