November 26, 2008

no idea

Somehow I suddenly wanted to watch Elizabethtown. Hmmm. Well I guess its because that I didn't quite understand it when I watched it for the first time. Hah, I think I want to ask mum to get me the dvd or cd etc when she's free. But yeah, there's no guarantee that she's going to get it because she's been busy lately. Heh.

I also have a list of other movies which I want to watch. Dad! Take me out to the dvd store!

  1. Across The Universe
  2. Disturbia
  3. Juno
  4. Step Up 1 + 2
  5. Make It Happen
  6. The Holiday

Hmmm, but I wonder if I'll ever get the dvds. I only have Make It Happen, and I'm going to watch it tomorrow seeing as there's nothing better to do. And my cousin, Danial, invited me over for a sleepover. I mean, what the? Haha. But yeah, his sister also did ask when I was coming over, so yeah. Dad, how bout it aye?

Oh, and dad. Our GG dvd box set is with him. Heeee.

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