November 25, 2008

fatigue fatigue

So, Esah and Syaza came over in the evening today for a photo shoot and piano jam session combo thing. Haha. Boy, I had fun using Esah's D60. It also reminds me of Minolta which I plan to get fixed this Sunday, I don't care. But yeah, D60 feels quite good: not so heavy, not so light; just nice. Even so, it would be even nicer if it had focal lens. Haaaaaaa. I miss shooting with my Minolta.

Anyways. Since I was in the mood for black and whites, we did black and white photos and boy were they pretty. I was thinking of joining the KL Photo Awards 2009 and sending the photos of our photo shoot in. But bummer, the contest is only opened to those above the age of 16. Heh. Syaza said: Takpe Kat. Next year...punya next year ada lagi. Heee. Yeah, and you bet I'm joining!

Speaking of which, I have a couple of names in my mind who should try out for the 2009 photo awards. Want to know who? *aksi angkat kening*
Drumroll pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.

  1. Mei
  2. Azzief
  3. Ijan

If you guys make it as finalists, I will go and see your photos during the exhibit at The Annexe, Central Market in May 2009. Oh yeah, the 40 lucky finalists will be exhibited at The Annexe and the winner will also be announced there. Heeee. I want to go!


Anonymous said...

the problem is

portraits are becoming less and less "my thing,"

and photoshoots are

the bane of

my entire existence

honestly i'd rather have my nipples clamped than sit down and take photos at a photoshoot

find me on the street, not in a studio

Anonymous said...

and i know that last comment is probably totally missing the point

but honestly

i can't get my head around the concept of, y'know

entering some sort of contest

not only do i think lowly enough of myself to be able to instantly stop myself from even pondering the thought

but also

(you can tell i'm having fun randomly dividing my sentences and not using proper puncuation, right)

so many people can do better portraits than i will ever dream of

i am, however, waiting to see if any familiar names submit any photos

will be cheering them on, if any