November 1, 2008

merci merci merci

Yet again, I have acquired another injury from netball. Last year it was my left hand, in between my forefinger and thumb; this year I injured my right hand for a change, the pinkie. Darn it. I did do stretches before I played the game. Dad thought my pinkie is either broke or fractured. Hah, the same assumption he made when I injured my left hand last year.

Anyway, we were at a kenduri about half an hour ago and my aunt, Ma Ayush, who's a doctor was there. She checked my finger and said it was just a sprain. THANK GOD! Even so, my aunt, Mama I, tried scaring me by sharing her injury experiences when she used to play netball back in the day.
    MI : Dulu Ma I pun pernah kena macam tu. Siap masuk besi satu! (this is a LIE)
    KD : Eee. Tak naaaak. Jangan cerita dah Maaaaaa!
    MI : Haaaaa! Kalau tak boleh keluar, dia tarik jeeee.
    KD : Waaaaaaaaa, Ma I! Jangan la! Tak nak tak nak!
Damn, I'm so childish.

Lucky my finger was injured during the last game of the whole tournament-and I was playing GS, a position which I sucked at. Huda said I was better of as GD. Either way, thank you Hazirah for asking me to switch to GS and for praising me that I made a good GS. Heeee. But I only scored three goals, mind you. Two of them, I accidentally missed. Luckily Hazirah was there to recapture the ball and shot it.

In the end, we won yet again. Two years in a row. I don't mean to brag, but I think we make a good team. Lets do it again! *grins*

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