November 5, 2008


I can say this week has been quite a long and pretty tiring one. My finger is nearly back to normal-albeit it being a bit blue and swollen-after trying out RICE and has been bandaged for the past three days with some traditional massaging oil said to improve blood circulation, yada yada. And playing piano certainly has helped my finger to recover. I guess its a sort-of physiotherapy thing.

Tuesday was the end of the year jamuan. We had 4 boxes of pizza and a barrel of KFC, two cylinders of Pringles, 8-or so-bottle of gassed drinks, a box of banana cakes and some snacks. Around the time the jamuan started, I was conveniently called by Cikgu Rashidi to take pictures around the school and he gave me 10 minutes. He even timed me. Anyway, by the time I got back to class all that was left was Pringles and some other snacks.

Because I was frustrated I didn't get any pizza, I downed a big bottle of 100 plus on my own and ate 3/4 of the sour cream & onion Pringles. In the end, I ended up with an upset stomach. Then, there was cake. Chocolate cake I tell you! With loads of whipped cream. How could I resist. And we had a food fight with the whipped cream. Everybody was chasing everybody in the class. It was literally like a mad house. Even Teacher Syaz got some whipped cream on her face *grin*

Today, hmmmm. Nothing much happened. Oh yes, there was a spot-check. Hello, we didn't have that last year. Why so sudden? After the spot-check, we had our break. Huda and I headed to the astaka. Raffil was there with his gang as well and Raffil brought his guitar along. A genuine Yamaha CS-40! Darn, I was....whoaaaa. I got the chance to strum on it. Well, strum is not exactly how I'd put it. But yeah. Haha.

So, I spent nearly the whole day at the astaka doing nothing but laughing about to some jokes, fighting over Malik for the guitar, singing Yuna's songs with Esah and enjoying the view of the school field. I can say it was a good day eventhough it did rain earlier in the afternoon but after that it was sunny throughout the day.

Hmm, I think I should stop. I'll post the pictures of the jamuan later. Mhmmm.

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