January 1, 2011

janvier, deux mille onze

So, it is now 2011. Today at One Stop when I was getting my school uniform etc, the shop-assistant behind the counter asked which form I was in. I hesitantly answered, "Form five kak" and I smiled. I think I felt some sort of achievement in me. Hello, I'm a senior this year. I'm sitting for SPM and I can't wait for it to be over with. I want to get out of Malaysia as soon as SPM is over and study. Then again, I can't wait for Monday.

A recap on what has happened over the eve of New Year's eve, New Year's eve and the new year. I spent the eve of New Year's eve in art class with Darrell, Janiz and Elsa eating Popeye's, celebrating Darrell's 16th (HOORAY! :D) while constructing our models. Had Mr Chan too later at night. I spent 2 hours doing Electrolytic Cells while listening to Iskandar and Izzat chat about random random things with Mr Chan. Hanan was in for a bit and I got some 2010 SPM papers (Y).

On New Year's eve, I spent my morning watching season 9 of CSI: Miami. After Maghrib, we went out to Wangsa Walk to get our school bags, bottles etc. In the end, we only bought bottles from Popular and ate Subway. I texted Yusof and bought a Bros bottle with cartoon-Bento pictures on it. I slept around 11 only to be awoken by fireworks. God-knows why there were fireworks at 11. And I read TIME magazine for a bit and fell asleep again. Woke up at 12 to hear fireworks, again. I didn't send anybody any New Year's texts. And I sleep-replied Mei's text going "Happy new year to you tou too mei ♥". Sorry for the wrong grammar. I blame it entirely on my irritation towards the fireworks disturbing my sleep.

And today, well, I had some leftover Subway for breakfast. Went out to KLCC with the whole lot and I scored a bag from Reebok. It's a pretty pink one too with geometrical shapes all over. I feel happy. I think next-eh, this year will be a good one. New class, new bottle, new bag and one not-so-new Khadijah. Yeah! Oh. And I got mum to buy me Yuna's Decorate so here I am, happily listening to the album on repeat. Spent my evening out with Dd and Danial at NZ, and that's dinner.

Now, here I am typing away, synchronizing dad's (not-so) ancient iPod Nano, hypnotized by the LED coverage indicator of the Storm 2 and listening to Yuna. What a good way to end the holidays. Hopefully, tomorrow's stationary shopping will be awesome.

To end this post, here's a New Year's picture of yours truly for you readers *sexy wink*
Yeeeeah. I'm changing my style. I'll post up the the tutorial when I remember. If I don't, then you'll just have to wait. But if you're too ecstatic for the video, you can get it from Count The Thread. Dig deep. It's somewhere there C:


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