January 7, 2011

end of week one

Its already the end of the first week of school. Truth be told, I feel okay about 5 Bina. The people are cool but I still miss the good old 4 Azam. But its a new year so its all going to be new whether I like it or not. I'm sitting beside Fatin and she's got this vibe which makes me want to do something all the time, which is good. Hehe. I've been studying these past few days which, evidently, is a good start :-)

Okay what else. Yusof is coming back this Sunday! I missed you big guy. Its been ages. So its another 48 hours minus 'til he's home. And Mr Chan is as cool as ever. Last night I was doing my Add Maths and somehow our conversation got to the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestants. Awesome huh. This is why I adore him so much. And as much a I'd like to get extra classes elsewhere, I don't think I will. Haha! And I've got a new mate from Danau Kota. Her name is Farah and she's pretty nice. And I told Mr Chan that a few of you guys (ahem) are joining and I think he's excited. Oh goodie! I miss Hana and Hanan though. Even so, Iskandar will be around during the holidays. So all in all, I'm good yaw.

And going into the new year, it looks to be pretty tight. Extra classes are starting in school and it'll be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wangsa Raya training is on Wednesday-and Azfar is about to kill us all, and alas, basketball next Tuesday. Art folios start in February and I'm pretty sure about taking French for SPM. Yeehaw! And I like form five Physics. I'm already starting to like Waves.

All in all, 2011 looks good.


Hana Maher said...

EEIIIIII! I want my Thursday nights back! :'(
- HM

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