January 29, 2011

ah, it's almost February

Hello all. No, I still haven't showered (hehe) and yes, I'M ONLINE! Yeah. Well, the boys are all out for Adni's swimming carnival. No girls allowed, not even mothers. Oh vell. Alas, here I am happily updating my song list. It's turning out to be a mixture of indie rock, alternative, post-rock and a hint of metal. Yes, metal. It's a new year so it's a new song list.

Alas. It's already the 29th. I can't believe January is ending just like that. Wished it could've stretched on longer. Even so, 10 more months people! I can take that long. It's not 10 years. But then again, it's not 10 days. Oh, and I just signed up for SPM and, yes, I'm taking 12 subjects. I've seen the French paper. It's a cross between DeLF A2 and B1 with oral mixed in altogether in the paper. Looks good. Let's just hope I can do good during SPM. 12 subjects is risky business. But then again if I get 12As that would just be awesome. I've got my sights set on dad's alma mater, Nottingham. But maybe I'd try and apply for Cambridge. Yeah. Even so, I haven't really checked online any of the campuses, class structure etc. I'll do it soon.

I feel sleep deprived too. In a week, I only get to have my afternoon naps once. If I'm lucky enough, I can nap twice in a week. But even so, I enjoy my afternoons during basketball training and Wangsa Raya practice. In spite of the muscle strains, my weak ankle and the sweat, it's worth it. My stamina is doing good and I've learnt to appreciate my training. Not to mention my shoes too! Haha. Speaking of shoes, I've been having shoe fetishes. Especially 'em pretty training/running shoes. Dad's ordered me a pair of Reebok EasyTone from his personal trainer, Cash and they're white! Hollah. I'm thinking of getting a pair of basketball shoes too. It's RM300+++ a pair though. Anybody care to sponsor me? Eheh.

Other than that, I'm doing okay. I finish my homework and notes on time, I enjoy singing randomly with Fatin dearest and alas, high jump. Nothing beats all that adrenaline. Also, I'm taking classes at Kristal Suria near the Setiawangsa LRT and truthfully, it's not bad. Nothing beats Mr Chan though. But the teachers are cool and so far I enjoy everything I'm learning and Kak Wan, the receptionist, is very very very nice too! Oh, and did I mention Ali Maju? Hehe. Nasi goreng ayam FTW.

Gosh. I think I can get fat like this. Ah no matter. When those EasyTones arrive I'll jog my ass off.


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