December 11, 2010


Okay. I have been tagged by the lovely miss Nadihah Begum (wink wink), and truth be told I haven't done this in a really really really long time. I haven't really been writing much either. Hehe. So, here it goes, 25 facts about...yours truly.
  1. I am Siti Khadijah bt Anwarul Haq and I am 16.
  2. I easily get peeved when the lights and fan are left on even when there's no one else around.
  3. I am fascinated by, sometimes, even the simplest of things.
  4. I like Chemistry, a lot.
  5. I think a bit too much, and I'm insecure.
  6. I scout. Girl Guides isn't for me. No offense intended.
  7. I would get married in my scout uniform, if I could. Ha ha.
  8. I paint, play piano and I like amazing Disney/Pixar movies.
  9. I'm always in awe when I watch Avatar. Yes, the blue monkeys.
  10. Tea is my number one substance of choice.
  11. I can do a 12-hour marathon of Discovery, Nat Geo and History.
  12. I have a tendency to talk about facts I've read or watched.
  13. Apparently, I have the face of a judge/headmistress. It's crazy, I know. I suppose that's why people don't talk a lot to me? Unless they know me, of course.
  14. I talk about myself a lot sometimes, sorry Darrell.
  15. I have no idea what sport I can play. Swimming probabbly?
  16. I read in all kinds of positions.
  17. I like people like Mr Chan, Walter (in Fringe) and all these other awesome Science people.
  18. I want to explore the universe.
  19. I speak French too.
  20. I don't mind majoring in History and Law one day. Yeah. I'm crazy like that.
  21. Worse comes to worse, I'll become a police officer. Work for the air force perhaps? Haha.
  22. I have so many things in my head.
  23. I'd move away to Javanese land if I could.
  24. Camps have never felt more like home.
  25. And lastly, I know I'll turn out to be a successful person.

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Anonymous said...

No 25 is awesome!!