December 22, 2010

let me be a girly girl

Hehe. Okay. I have a thing for intricate, simple jewellery. For example, I have this gold bracelet which is actually an heirloom from my grandmother's mother-in-law, and was previously owned by arwah before being passed down to me. As much as I love it, I don't dare wear it. It's thin, intricate and old. Could be 30 years old, or more. But yeah, it's gorgeous. I don't mind having a few like that.

On to the point, I was surfing Garance Doré's blog and stumbled upon this pretty ring. It's Dior and it's called a Oui ring. I want it but of course the price est trés trés trés bien too. It's Dior. Did I say that already? Not a chance that I'll get it. Maybe when I get married huh. Could be my engagement ring *cough cough cough* Or not.

I'd want a pretty vintage Malay ring to go with it. The other day, after my practical exam, dad took me to the Komplex Kraf Kuala Lumpur and there was this guy selling all the pretty vintage jewellery and there was one which I wanted. Unfortunately, dad didn't bring his check book at the time and didn't have cash on him. So, okay, dad said he'd go get it another day. Yeay! The next time dad went there, someone had already bought it. Bummer.

Nevermind though. There's also this other guy in Amcorp who sells vintage jewellery and such. Hehe.

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