December 26, 2010

Despite any other resolutions I have made up in my mind over the past two months of holidays, there's only one that I need to fulfil above everything else: I need to clear my head. Only now do I realise how my feelings interfere with my head. Okay, granted I have realised this for a long time but it's not easy clearing one's head especially when dealing with your feelings. It's like dealing with a break up. I think. That's beside the point. I just need to get off of cloud nine, land back here on planet Earth and set my priorities straight.

I know I haven't been the best daughter/student/sister and whatever else everybody expects of me, but I promise, I'll try very hard next year. I need to get back into my game. I need to stop caring about petty things and start prioritising. Although I am not a firm believer of looking good on paper, but to get accepted into big places and major in, lets say, Medicine, I will obviously need good results. Regardless, I just want high school to be over and done with. I want to go somewhere new, I want to learn new things, meet new people. Maybe take History as a sideline.

I've been thinking a lot too. I may drop Physics and possibly Art too, and take up French for SPM. The only As I got for my finals were Bahasa Melayu, English, Pendidikan Islam and Sejarah; subjects required to take Law. And my linguistics look stronger now. No harm done in taking a third language. And it's French. Pffft. Some revision classes at Alliance Fran├žaise should do it. So now, I know what I want to do, I know what I need to do, all that's left now is to do it.

I really hope 2011 will be a good year. I know 2010 isn't. Most of the feelings I've felt this year: pathetic, unappreciated, stupid. Hah. Life is great innit. Probably the only best thing was scouting, and the close people I have around me.

Other than that, 2010 is just another version of 2008.

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