November 27, 2010

macaroni and cheese

I haven't been doing a lot lately. Mostly spending time watching Chuck and waiting for Fringe's next episode to come out while surfing Tumblr. Other than that, I do what I normally do every other day. I have piano on Tuesday, art class and Mr Chan's on Thursday. I wash my hair almost every morning now that I have the time. I haven't been eating dinner and now I have the tendency to ignore the calls I receive. It doesn't really matter anyway. December is coming, and 2011 will come approaching in a bit. I will then have bigger and more important things to worry about then. Honestly though, I think this year's holidays feel a lot better than last year. I know how desperate I was to go out last year but this year, not really. I'd rather stay home, watch a movie (or two) and drink lots of hot, strong tea. But it's as sad as it gets. Nobody's home. Only me, the netbook, the BlackBerry and food. Not to mention, the textbooks which I have yet to re-wrap when I feel like it. Haha. I'm a bad procrastinator, I know.

And as far as studying is concerned, I did indices and log at Mr Chan's the other day and we ended up talking about lots of things. That always happens when you're around Mr Chan and two other awesome people who can make you forget your worries. And Mr Chan is really awesome and filled with quirks. For instance, he enjoys fractions and he told us that he has about 80+ white t-shirts which he wears all the time. He plays badminton, and he makes me love Chemistry even more than I already do. He's great for advice too. All in all, I'd love to grow up to become someone like him one day.

Oh. Did you hear? I've finally decided to become a litigator or maybe major purely in History. Damn right I have. It's crazy though. I can imagine me standing up in front of the judge's desk, in court, questioning witnesses, fighting for my client. Yeah, the thought scares me but oh well. I bet I'll do a fine job one day. I might end up becoming a judge. My grand-uncle was a police and one day he looked at me and said that I could become a judge because I have that stern face. It's true. Well, whatever it is, I know I'll succeed in my life.

Hm. All rise for the honourable judge, Mrs Khadijah. Ewah

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