November 8, 2010


As I was studying Biology last night, I swear I felt as though my brain wasn't there and someone took my head away and yanked all the hair out. I felt so light headed and wounded up by the fact that the invitations for the hi-tea wasn't printed yet (I blame our sucktastic lazerjet) and that I hadn't studied that much for ANYTHING. I tried to sleep but I couldn't. I felt even more light-headed and restless than ever. Whined to Izzat, and wounded up falling asleep around 2 am and I had a nightmare. I was admitted to the hospital because I had a concussion or something and they kept giving me pain killers which made me sleep and gave me dreams and, mind you, this was inside my dream. Ugh. Izzat was admitted to the hospital too. He was hit real bad on the jaw. Lots of blood but right now I can only remember bits and pieces of the dream. All in all, it was scary and confusing and I woke up just now at about 5 am feeling even more let-me-pull-my-hair-out than ever.

If this is what anxiousness does to you then it's just downright crazy. Right. Crazy.

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