October 1, 2010

I'm back from Putrajaya. Well, I've been back since yesterday. No, the girls' team didn't win. Punched the control card wrongly. The guys however, they won consolation. I guess Cikgu Syam was kind of broken hearted which is...understandable. I guess I could say that we trained with a top gun. But anyway, the guys placed number 5 out of the other 20 schools who participated which is cool. And congrats to Syaza, Aisyah, Atiqah and Hafizuddin who went out for the kuiz pelancongan the same day we went to Putrajaya and placed third! YEAH. Go SVians!

Now that orienteering is over, I need to think about RAE. I've studied and I can actually understand. Still have to read on the electrics and electronics. Also not to forget, kem kemahiran on the 15th. It's good to keep me occupied. I feel so disturbed.

Other than that, I passed my grade 3 with a merit. Haha!

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