October 9, 2010

Hi. Some self-loving here, excuse me, but I got bored.

So well, my mood has been going on and off. I spent nearly my whole morning crying. Yesterday I cried too which, considering the situation, was kinda pathetic. Last Saturday, I was mooning about in art class, I got mad at Darrell and every other single person who ticked me off. Hormones are so tiring. But I guess after a while they just stop bugging you. I feel much better today, even if I did get mad just now. Its okay I guess. They come, they go.

Lately though, I haven't been able to sketch properly. Like, seriously, my sketches are haywire. I actually tore out two pages out of my sketch book. God-knows whats wrong with me. I'm even getting worn out painting. The painting I'm working on right now is still a work in progress. I've spent nearly three weeks on it now. But because I was indescribably chirpy today, I'm almost done with it. Just some details and that's it. Hm.

Kem Kemahiran is this 15th. Even so, I haven't even distributed the forms to those who are going. But most of them are form threes. Okay, fine, 3/4 of them are form threes. Ergo, I have to wait for PMR to end. For what it's worth though, I'm going for camp! Haha. I swear I miss camping. Although I got to camp for the orienteering in Wetlands the other day, it wasn't that fun. One, there wasn't any of the kelanas; two, there seemed to be no one I knew-or maybe it's just me; three, I still prefer Scout camps.

Ugh. So, lets see, I have to study for finals, go for camp, help Cikgu Syam with the lintas hormat for the form fives' grad and, somehow, survive? It's possible.

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