September 14, 2010

bebelan-an dan pengumuman-an

Introducing *drumroll* Aaron Yusof!
He's Al's younger brother. Right now he's teething and he bit my phone and left bite marks on the screen. The memory makes me smile though. Aaron is tall for a six-month baby and his hair is blonde! Uncle Jordan said that once a barber thought his hair was dyed. Haha! And Yusof didn't believe that Aaron's name had a Yusof in the back until he got a confirmation from Uncle Jordan. See, sometimes you just have to listen to me you know.

So other than that, tonight will be my last night in Ayer Baloi and tomorrow will be visiting two houses before headed on to KL. One thing's for sure: I've put on weight. My Giordano jeans fit perfectly now, ergo, I have gotten fat. So, I might start fasting again.

Alright, last but not least, an announcement : I might turn this into a photoblog. I haven't had anything to write lately and it only occured to me today that I should make a photoblog. So, voila, I shall start posting photos on a daily basis-If I can. Second (okay, yes, announcements) : dad has found out yeah. About something yeah. So I thought you should know yeah.

Call me. Haha! Adios.

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