August 15, 2010

28/6r Curvy

MY FIRST EVAH GAP JEANS *lari keliling dunia macam orang gila*
Thank you mommah. And somehow, I don't feel like wearing it because it's too pretty. Haha. Maybe I'll lose a bit of my thighs before I start wearing this. Yeah. Ramadhan, lets go!

And I think I lack writing nowadays. I'm having some sort of a writers block resulting from what happened a few...months back. I don't know. I guess since my aunt's death, I stopped writing for a bit and I nearly gave-up on school work. I don't know how this has got to do with anything, but I'm having a terrible writer's block. I want to write but everytime I pick up a pen or start typing on the netbook I just go blank, period. And I give up altogether. That's why my blog has been *crickets crickets*

Nevermind. I'll try to get back on the right track. We'll see how it goes. Oyes, Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to my readers! :) Jangan tinggal puasa tau.

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