July 5, 2010


Like 2007, this year is just as trying. Again, someone stole money from dad's firm. The amount of money isn't just a few thousand, it's about RM1.2 million. Mum is trying to cope with everything and I think she has it the hardest so I don't really mind her lashing it out at me all the time. Hajar is going through that stage where she shouts all the time and wants what she wants, no more no less. Muhammad is acting like Hajar. The boys' attitude are not helping at all either. I may seem like I'm okay, but I'm not. I cannot understand why Physics is Physics, I feel stupid all the time now and I'm just tired. Although mum and dad keep saying that my tiredness doesn't compare to theirs, but I think I'm just as tired.

I don't know what else I have to say. This may seem like it all, but I have lots more. I don't have any confidence in telling anyone. I feel like bottling this all up and just keeping it to myself eventhough I know I'm on the verge of breaking down. God. I think I need to see a psychologist.



Superwomanwannabe said...

hey khadijah..sometimes adults do things that they don't even realise are not very adultlike to do, like throw tantrums for eg...in this time just concentrate on all the happy things in your life and stuff that makes you happy and believe that the adults really really really love you and it will pass soon.

Yeah your dad can be a bit of a pain ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

be tough okay kat? text je lah if nak cerita okayy? :)


Daniaaa said...

I can't help but feel the same way. Be strong, if you need a listening ear, I'm here. I won't promise to understand, but I'll hear you out.