June 10, 2010


Right now, I feel as though I've just been released from my own insecurities. I don't know why it took this long to realize things but I'm greatful. I'm grateful that I've finally realized what I really needed. I suppose the recent camp has made me realize this. The people in the camp too somewhat helped eventhough they don't realize this. I swear I feel like going to a cliff and free fall from the edge of the cliff. Yes, that is how liberated I feel right now. I feel so free and I don't feel the sadness that I felt back then.

And I went crazy and I cut off the front bit of my hair this morning. And I don't feel as rimas as I used to feel. My hair hangs away from my face now. I'm planning to continue tomorrow. Sorry mum, desperate times call for desperate measures. I just need to cut it off. Haha.

Wow. I think-haha-I think I've fulfilled all I wanted to fulfill and it took me three months.

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