June 8, 2010


I can actually feel myself slowly shutting down right now, which is kind of weird because I've never felt this before. This shutdown is because of Kencana. No, I am not complaining because it was awesome. It really made me open my eyes again to how much I want King Scout. It made me realize once again that if I can follow the pemimpin and kelana's orders down to the letter, why can't I do that at home. It made me realize that when you're the leader, it's all up to you. It also made me realize again: nothing is ever going to be that easy.

Kencana was mainly Usaha. Why? Because Cikgu Syamsurri wanted us to refresh our knowledge in Usaha. It was...easy. I had help, of course from the pemimpins, from the kelanas, from the teachers. And I think I just received "the call" as Syafiq calls it. It's the call to do knots and not stop :D I think it just hit me that I actually enjoy knots. It lets me have something to do with my hands. I also have basics in first aid you *bimbo-mode* I'm so proud of me. Haha!

I'm actually close to falling asleep on the netbook so, let me cut to the chase and I'll continue when...I'm awake. Well, I am on my way to King Scout baby! But, first thing's first : JAYA.


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