December 25, 2009

je ne pas bien

I am down with a small-ish headache, a bit of the flu and my tonsil seems to be swollen. I slept it off earlier but it seems to have gotten worse. So, while everyone is out-Yusof playing futsal, dad, mum, Ibraheem and Hajar are at Tok Bik's-I am here, home, with Muhammad and the maid. I thought I was going to sleep it off again but it's too hot and I'll be sweating in my sleep and, truth be told, I didn't really feel like going anyway.

The idea of everyone asking me how much I got is just upsetting. I don't feel good enough. I don't feel like meeting my grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, granduncles and aunts. I still feel like yesterday actually. I'm not happy nor am I sad.

This is pathetic really.

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