December 12, 2009


Okay, I wouldn't call my first attempt at carbonara a disaster but it's pretty much close. My first attempt, so? Haha. What happened was I used the wrong method of heating the carbonara sauce. Why? Because there were 6 egg yolks in it, mixed with cream and I-stupidly-heated it over a hot fire and it turned into a semi-scramble egg thing. But somehow, it tastes fine. It smells, well, like typical carbonara. Which is good. Even mum says it smells fine so, I guess it's okay *grin* But either way, I will try making it again tomorrow morning and for dinner, pesto. Dad wants a pesto pizza though. We shall see.
Also, I found this at Kinokuniya just now. I swear everyone looked at me when I yipped with happiness. I don't know why but I find cooking very interesting. Especially after watching Julie & Julia, I became inspired. Right now I'm going to try out with pasta and spaghetti first. After I'm done with it, I shall pray that either mum or dad get me this lovely recipe book and I shall try all of it out. And over the holidays, I will be cooking. If you want free food, do come over and be my food-critic.

Disaster n°deux;
It's not exactly a disaster; I may be overreacting but I might not be able to go to AFG tomorrow and see Mei. Dad and mum claim that they are busy. Not that I blame them or anything. But well, I don't know. I'm frustrated.

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