August 26, 2009


I think I'm addicted to painting with acrylics. Anywhoooo.

I'm doing facial tones and such with Janiz and this is something I did last Saturday during class. Somehow, it looks real purty. I'll take a picture of the finished one after I'm done this Saturday. I still have to touch it up and I need to finish painting the clothes on. Uwahhh. I also need to get more canvases. I have no idea what Janiz has planned for me.

And I'm only an hour away from KL! Can't wait to sleep on my bed and hug my feather-filled pillow which was from the days when dad was at England :D


Aisyah Pahmi said...

banyak gile u improve! :O
nice work!

Khadijah said...

mekasehhh :D but but, i still need to improve aaahhhh.

darrell asyraf said...

thats some serious shit what u just drew!!!

now i can brag about a friend yang pandai art selain daripada su-yi

hahahahah... xD

Khadijah said...

HAHAH, tak boleh belah okay Darrell. And I think Su-Yi lagi pandai art okaaaaayyyy. Like, seriously.