August 20, 2009


I can't believe I'm skipping tuition for the second time this week. I think that if I go, I might just nod off. Ah well, hormones. Hate them, but you need them. Anyway, I've been eating a lot lately. I try to refrain myself from heading to the kitchen and grabbing something from the fridge or anywhere else but well, temptation overwhelmes me. I hope that doesn't happen in the fasting month.

Speaking of Ramadhan, they're going to look at the moon tonight aren't they? Well, if fasting starts tomorrow let me wish you-yet again-Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak! So as to treat them fellow friends today-as I won't be going to school tomorrow-I made them PB&J cupcakes. At first I thought no one was going to like it because it was quite out of the ordinary but as usual, they were swiped clean. Even the ones at home were finished by the time I got home. Dad brought some to the office, so did the boys so....well, looks like the stuff I make are good after all.

I might bake more after this. Aisyah, lets do a collaboration; peanut butter coated cookies! I had the idea during recess just now but well, as usual, I forgot-and you know why. So, what say you? We make them and sell them out for Raya. Sounds like a good plan to earn extra raya moolah before Raya even starts *grins*

I've also started listening to Explosions In The Sky again. Mmmmm.


Emon. said...

wow. baking and selling sounds like Ka-ching for me:)

Wish my apartment have an oven for baking =.=

Aisyah Pahmi said...

peanut butter coated cookies? SOUNDS YUMMY :D

Khadijah said...

AHHHHH. You can buy the electric oven. Its small and easy to use :)

KANNNNNNNNN. Demmit. Lapar. Haha