August 22, 2009

Dearest Yusof;


Yusof, take it easy on yourself now that UPSR is only a few days a way. Just make sure you're not too cocky and over confident because then you'll lose it and answer the question stupid stupid answers. This is not to bring you down, but to remind you :) Also, I think-no, scratch that-I know that you can get 5 As for UPSR. Jangan kuat main sudahhhh.

Okay. Yes, you may be annoying some times but whatever it is, you're still my brother. The one I (sometimes) confide to when there's no one available to talk to. Eventhough you tease and bully me a lot, I must say that I'll miss it. So make sure that you'll still be annoying but please, not too much.

So brother, happy birthday and we all love you so much♥

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