August 1, 2009

but you weren't happy

I slept at 1:04am last night just to finish reading The Pact which I read last year, on the beach in Langkawi while listening to my mp3 on shuffle. This morning I woke up to realize that it was already the 1st of August. In my head, I counted: Crap, 9 more days to trials and 11 more days to my birthday. I don't know why I even remembered of my birthday because throughout the whole of yesterday, I forgot of it. Oh well, my brain likes to remind me of stuff at wierd times. And they come pretty uncalled for.

So. I think, I'm already ready for trials. Except Islamic Studies and KH. Lord, I'm scared. Oh. Did I tell you, we'll be restaging Romeo and Juliet this Monday. I still need to memorize a couple of lines and I have to not forget to bring a blazer on Monday. I'm just scared we might mess it up because its been two weeks since the competition and yesterday, nearly all of us have forgotten our lines. And Syahmi and Ellya weren't at school.

And I feel like eating McDonald's vanilla ice cream while listening to The Way You Make Me Feel on repeat. I think I'm being totally random right now. I should stop.

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