August 18, 2009


Mum's little man grunts a lot. Says that he's still growing and that's what babies do. Oh well.

Ah yes, hello. I haven't updated in a long time and I'm sorry. I haven't really had the mood to update on anything or maybe I did have the mood but when I could use the computer again, I just forgot what I wanted to post. I seriously have to write everything down on my palm next time so that I won't forget.

Okay. I just go my new spectacles an hour ago. I haven't taken a picture of it but I will, tomorrow. Maybe. Actually the frame which I have now is my mum's old frame and mum swapped with me so she could have the same frame but in a different colour. The ones I'm wearing now are in tortoiseshell while my mum's is dark purple-almost black, you could say. I wanted the other one badly but mum said I need change so here I am, adjusting to seeing brown rims. It's only a matter of time anyway.

OH! And Ramadhan is around the corner isn't it? Well, to my fellow Muslim readers, Happy Ramadhan Mubarak :D

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